What is Prophetic:

   Let's look at the Word of God in Book of 1 Cor 14:3.

   - But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort

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The Testimony of Paul Erik who died with heart attack, he went to heaven for 10min, and he came back to life again...  He is from Denmark/Europe...

YouTube Video

Video translated from Danish to English

       Hi,  my name is Paul Erik and I am soon to be an older man, even though I am not old on the inside I probably am on the outside.

        I was born in Jylland, Denmark-Europe in a Christian home and I have always believed there was a purpose to life and that there was a God and I became a deacon, working with the homeless and people in need all my life.

        The roads in life are twisted and in 1971 I was desperate, I had fought for 4 years an had suffered defeat and had to give up in the end. I was on my knees one night asking God to act. If you exist help me and I will always serve you. And I got the vision of me in heaven, where Jesus came and stood between me and God, as I could not come face to face with God. And Jesus said "Farther remember to look at Paul Erik through me" And suddenly I was free to enter The Kingdom and I could have stayed there forever. But God asked me, if I wouldn't go back and show people the love He has for us. It was very difficult for me to say yes to that, as I was completely drained for energy. But when God asked me a second time and showed me what the world looked like through His eyes, that it really needed someone to tell people about His love. I said if I have to do this You must fill me with your power and strength. And He said He will never leave me and always fill me. And I said all right I am ready to go back.

         And I came back to my bedroom completely changed. Before I was deeply depressed and now I was so excited. And I felt like this for the next 3/4 of a year. People around me thought I had fallen in love, they could not recognize me. They had seen how much I struggled and from one day to the other I was so happy filled with worship and praise to God. That was God's intervention. That was in 1971 and God has been with me always.

       Q: Did you see God?
       A: I saw God as a person, I saw Jesus as a person. It was so amazing. It says that no one has seen God and I would say that is not entirely true, because I have. It was such a strong experience to have stood before Him and for 20 years I could not talk about it because it was secret. I did not think that people could understand. But one day at a bible study, someone where talking about a book they had read By Kirsten Mørk Nielsen "Light behind death" or something like that, and I felt I should share my story. And it got very quiet. They could hear that I was telling the truth and that I was deeply touched by it. Since then I have told about it on very few occasions, but mostly kept it to myself.

        I felt very defeated at the time as I had to give up on my marriage and I decided there and then to never ever get married again. But God wanted differently. And I had said that I would do His will. He sent this lovely girl my way and I just said "No no no" God said "It shall be her" I said that if she is the one, give me a sign that I should never forget. 3 signs absolutely impossible to ever come true. The very same evening all 3 sings had come true. And I have had a good marriage ever since. We have 5 lovely children, a lovely home and a meaningful life. But about 5 - 7 years ago I went to my doctor telling him, that I sometime would wake up at night feeling a pressure around my chest, sometime so bad that I could not go back to sleep. The doctor examines me and told me it was stress, that I was working too hard and that I should relax more and that it had nothing to do with my heart and that I should take it easy. What I did not know was that my wife had feared a few days before, that it was a blood clot on the way.
          May 5th 2012 I leave in the morning to cut down a fairly large tree in the garden of some acquaintances. I knew where they live but did not have the address. I had my son with me to help out and we started cutting down the tree sawing it in half. My son had to leave for a funeral where he should play and he would be back in a few hours, which was fine. But as soon as he had left and I was all alone the pain over my chest came back, worse than ever before. I was thinking I had been through this before, maybe not as bad, so I would take a 15 minute break. I was looking for a place to sit down, but could not find rest sitting down or standing up. I could hardly do anything. It got worse. I looked around for some water as my mouth dried up. I couldn't find a water tap outside and there was too long for me to walk to the center of town to by some and I was not sure that I even could walk that far as I was feeling really sick. Thinking this is no good I called my wife telling her I was taking a little break just so she knew. She said to call an ambulance but I said no, saying that what comes by itself would also leave by itself. About 5-10 minutes pass and I thought this is no good and I called my wife for help. She knew where it was. As soon as she saw me she dialed 112. The ambulance came with emergency and the paramedics suspected a blood clot near the heart so I got in the ambulance where they started treatment. I was in a lot of pain but at the same time I felt such a peace because I was in the hands of God and if it was a blood clot in my heart and I would die I would go to God and nothing could be better, although I felt sorry for my wife, that she would be left behind alone. But I felt completely relaxed. Very soon the paramedics could inform me that it was indeed a clot close in my heart and they gave me drugs to stimulate my heart and take the pain. And they kept on working with me until I was brought to Rigs Hospitalet where skilled and loving hands took care of me. They were so kind and loving making you feel you could be safe in their hands. They said they would remove that clot and put up a stent through the groin. Telling me that there would never come another clot at that place after this. I could follow the procedure on a screen, seeing how they got closer to my heart and all of a sudden. Maybe a glimpse of darkness and then this increasable light. I was not on the operating table anymore. I was at a completely different place. I was in Heaven. I did not feel death I had been taken from life on earth to life ever after in the wink of an eye. What a glory there was and the atmosphere... Paul writes that he knows about a man (he is writing about himself) that was in the 3rd heaven seeing things he could not find words for. And that is true because our words cannot describe what I saw. No matter what I try to say it cannot cover it. An overwhelming light came in from the left, a 1000 times stronger than a sunny day anywhere in the world, it was not uncomfortable but very pleasant living light. It was meaningful and.........  
         I think this light was the source of creating everything good. Later when I would reflect upon it or tell people about it I have been thinking it had to be Jesus. Or God himself who was this amazing light. I do not know all I know is that it was incredible and so nice to be in. In front of me there where 10s of thousands of resurrected people, glowing with happiness. Perfect faces no one had glasses or hearing aid and it was all younger people. I could not see anyone with a handicap and I just fell I knew them. This is my family I felt a connection with them. There was a roar from these people, welcoming me. Saying "isn't this amazing? Isn't this an amazing place? Who would have thought this is was is waiting for us, when we no longer live on the earth". We were communicating not in an earthly language but a supernatural language. They said had they know when they were alive, they would have prioritized differently. "How we would have told people there is a way to heaven by believing in Jesus Christ, It is so lovely here, so amazing". I could see they were looking not just at me, but passed me as well. Something was happening behind my back. I do not know what it was and I was just looking forward to unite with the others and see what it was. I recognized some of the faces close to me. Some family and a good friend. I did not see it at first as it was the faces of younger people. And I saw them for the first time without any wrinkles or gray hairs. The faces where perfect. Then in a split second I was gone and I hear a voice in the darkness saying "Hey you were gone there" One of the staff had noticed I had come back after they had fought for about 10 minutes to get my heart pumping again. The 3rd time they used the defibrillator the heart started. They could see in my face that I had experienced something as you can't be untouched by what I have seen. One asked if I saw something and all I could say was "Yes" because it was so big for me I could not put it into words. They told me I had been gone for a while but soon I would get into the hospital room as my heart now was beating regularly. My wife and son was waiting there and they did not know what had happened. I was told to lay flat on my back for 24 hours without moving at all and it was the best 24 hours I have ever had, because it gave me a chance to relive what I had seen. I was so grateful to have experienced it and at the same time sad, that I could not stay there. I will not talk bad about nurses or doctors, but if they had known what they took from me, when they brought me back as I had LIFE on the other side.

         God has touched me in many ways. I have a sensibility I did not have before. And I could not help it, but to talk about my experience. I could no longer be interested in sports or politics or economy. I could not care less. Things that used to get a lot of my attention, where suddenly of no interest to me. Just as long as we would get our daily bread it did not matter how much money we made. All I cared about was telling people in church that heaven is real and they should tell others they'd better make sure the ticket is valid when the time comes. And the only way is to believe in Jesus Christ.

        I had become so soft hearted I cannot kill any of Godís creation, whatever they are. God is holy and you get a little people of that when you see Him. I have struggled getting back to life ever since. A good day is when I get to tell other what I have seen. The other days just does not matter. Donít get me wrong, I have a lovely family, lovey friends, but I long home as I have seen the home God has for me. A home without darkness, no sin, no bad thoughts, no dark shadows, no illness....... It was fantastic.

       Q: You said the light was so intense, so what did you think when you came back on the operating table?

       A: When I woke up at the table I remember thinking how they could operate in such a darkness until I realized that it was me who had seen this intense light, as the light in the theatre was the same. I had problems seeing properly and abot 14 days after I went to the optician and told him what was wrong. He asked me if I had encountered something special and I told him, I had been in Heaven. He knew about this phenomenon and said I should wait up to 3 months before my sight would return to normal.

       Q: Was it God that greeted you when you came to heaven or was it Jesus?

       A: It was Jesus, God was present. I was in the front hall where there was and old fashioned scale where my bad thoughts or deeds would be placed in one bowl and all the good in the other. Naturally it is best when the good outweighs the bad. Some deeds that I took as good, was placed in the bad and I could not understand, so I asked God, who sort of rolled back the film and let me stand in that situation. And clearly I could see, that I had had an agenda for being kind. I had been selfish at the time, thinking of my gain. On the other hand things that I had feared would weigh heavy God told me, that He understood why I acted the way I did, so it was not as bad. I do not think anyone will pass on judgement day before God. All the good/bad deeds things you should have done, the wrong thoughts you have had. I think it will weigh so heavenly that no one can stand in front of Gods righteousness and enter His kingdom had it not been for Jesus standing in between saying that he have already paid the price for us. Look at him the way I do. And then the scale shifted. God finds pleasure in looking at us through Jesus and thereby give us eternal life. That is fantastic.

       I have now experienced Heaven twice in my life. I think about it a lot. Why do we say that one day we will rise again from dust? From dust to dust, when Jesus told the thief that from that very day he would go to paradise. And as for me I died on the operating table and went straight to heaven. I have so many questions that I do not have the answers to. And yet I do not need the answers because I know what is waiting for me. It delights me and yet make me humble to tell others about this. It is such a great message to give to people so they understand there is a final place so wonderful for us.                                                             End of Video

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